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Press Release Guide
Use this tool to craft an effective press release that captures the key messages, establishes credibility, and above all is relevant and interesting to the reader.
Mission Statement Guide
Every business wants to be the provider of the best product/service experience in their industry – what is it about your company that differentiates you & your product/service from your competitors? Use this tool to craft the perfect mission statement.
Improving Campaign Conversions With Journey Maps
Journey maps are powerful tools to help marketers develop laser-focused, audience-tuned demand generation and nurture campaigns that drive conversion. Use this guide to help your organisation improve the conversion rate of its own campaigns by aligning tactics and calls-to-action to customer journeys.
Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
This How-To Guide details the definition of CLV, the advantages of calculating CLV and the standard formula for calculating CLV.
Building Effective Landing Pages
This How-To Guide outlines different types of landing pages, and how landing pages affect conversion rates and lead generation, followed by a detailed action plan on how to create and optimise your landing page.
Content Creation Inspiration
The purpose of this guide is to give you a great starting point for your content, and inspire new ideas. Use this guide to get the creative process flowing and build lots of great new content assets.
Competitive Advantage USP Worksheet
A Best practice approach to effective marketing messaging takes the prospect through a journey that covers the problem, the solution and, finally, the proof. Your USP statement should be no different. Use this worksheet to find your USP.